When and How We Might Contact You

Entering your home

" If you would like more information on this please phone us on 0845 835 1111 "

Sometimes, we may need to visit your home to inspect or maintain gas equipment on your property, deal with a report of a gas emergency, or carry out work you have asked us to do. One of our employees, or a contractor working for us, will visit you.

We and our contractors, will make sure that everyone who works for us will:

  • go through our recruitment process, which will include appropriate background checks;
  • have the right qualifications and be fully trained to carry out their work;
  • be polite and friendly at all times in their dealings with you;
  • give clear, accurate explanations using appropriate and sensitive language and will respect your home or premises;
  • use vehicles which have our or the contractor's logo on, if possible;
  • wear National Grid uniform with our logo on, if possible; and
  • be able to explain how to contact the gas emergency service.

They will also show you an identity (ID) card that shows the company name, their own name, a reference number, and a colour photograph of themselves. On the card is a phone number to call if you want to confirm the identity of the caller.

We make sure that our employees give back their ID cards when they stop working for us, or when the card expires.

Priority service register (PSR)

" If you would like to find out more about the free services that are available, please contact your gas supplier. "

Under the terms of their licence, your gas supplier must keep a register of, and offer special help to, its customers who are:

  • of pensionable age;
  • disabled (including customers who are blind or partially sighted, or deaf or have hearing difficulties); or
  • chronically (long-term) sick.

If you register on the priority service register, you will receive a number of free benefits. If all of the adults who live in your home register, you would be entitled to free safety inspections of all gas appliances and pipework in your home.

If you arrange an appointment with us through your gas supplier, the person who visits you will use the password that is recorded on the register.

If you would like to find out more about the free services that are available, please contact your gas supplier.


If you are blind or partially sighted but not on the priority service register and you would like to feel more secure, we can agree a password with you when we make an appointment. We will quote this when we visit you so you will know the caller is genuine.

Keeping appointments

If you ask us to do some work we will arrange a morning or afternoon appointment with you. If we agree an appointment we will do our best to keep to it, unless we agree an alternative date with you.

What to do if you smell gas

Code of Practice