National Grid Mid Wales Connection Project

Ffurf Gymraeg / Welsh version

Draft route and substation identified

For more detailed information please visit our Mid Wales Connection Project website.


National Grid has announced a preferred substation site and draft route to connect proposed wind farms in Mid Wales, which includes putting the connection underground for around eight miles in the Meifod Valley – about one quarter of the 33 mile route.

In all other areas, National Grid is proposing to use overhead lines and has developed a draft route to keep away from villages and other important areas, as much as possible, and use hills and trees as a natural backdrop to help keep any visual impact to a minimum. 

A preferred site for the substation has also been identified. It is in a secluded location close to the wind farms, and not visible from villages and the road through the area. 
National Grid will now be looking at where best to place pylons and which designs are most appropriate.  This will include consideration of the new T-pylon which is approximately 15 metres shorter than conventional steel lattice pylons.
Local communities and landowners can help influence the detailed design of our proposals and we’re now asking people in the area for their views.

Where energy comes from

A short animation that shows how we take energy from its source and deliver it to homes and high-streets around the country.