Major infrastructure projects

National Grid plays a vital role in delivering electricity to millions of people in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

This means that we have to maintain the electricity network to a high standard and ensure the network is capable of meeting Great Britain's electricity demands. In addition to this, we also need to accommodate electricity generated by our customers and from time to time, this requires us to build new assets such as overhead lines and substations.

These pages contain information about the large-scale development projects that National Grid is working on.

Where our plans affect you or your community, we encourage you to let us know your opinions on our proposals.

The left-hand navigation lists current or planned major projects, where you can find background information and contact details. When a public consultation is under way, you will also find an online form for you to register your comments.


Why your views are important to us

When developing proposals for new network infrastructure, we have a duty under the Electricity Act 1989 to do so in an efficient, co-ordinated and economical way. We also have environmental responsibilities which may shape how our network develops.

How we set out to meet those environmental responsibilities, including our commitment to carrying out early consultation about major project proposals, is explained in our Stakeholder, Community and Amenity Policy.

The Planning Act 2008 requires us to undertake public consultation with people living near the proposed works. Even in the early stages of development we welcome the views of communities and interested parties in the area. Your feedback can shape the further development of our proposals.

As our proposals evolve and develop there will be other stages during which local communities and interested parties in the area will be invited to express their views.


How we will use your feedback

Feedback and comments made at all stages of the consultation process will be recorded and carefully considered by the project team. Where appropriate, our project team will respond directly on the points that people make. Should other potentially viable options for reinforcing our transmission network be raised during our consultations that have previously not been considered, we will consider its relative merits and report on them.

We will explain how we have taken feedback into account in a number of ways, for example:

  • through subsequent public consultation events
  • direct communications
  • local meetings

Ultimately, how comments received have shaped and influenced our proposals will be reported to the Infrastructure Planning Commission in a Consultation Report, which will accompany our  Development Consent Order application as required by Section 37(3)(c) of the 2008 Act.

The Development Consent Order application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission will be publicised and the Consultation Report will be made available on our website and at inspection locations such as council offices and public libraries, as appropriate.


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