Compliance for New and Existing Connections

All generators that have a contractual agreement for connection to/use of National Electricity Transmission System (“NETS”) (e.g. hold either a BCA, BEGA or BELLA – see new connections) have certain obligations to satisfy prior to becoming operational.

Guidance on this process for generators, which includes maintaining compliance during the lifetime of the generator, has recently been introduced via an amendment to the Grid Code (Amendment A/10 - Compliance). Following the Authority’s determination on A/10 a new Grid Code was issued and implemented from 17th Augusts 2012 (Issue 5 Revision 0). In this new version of the Grid Code the legal text has been amended to introduce a  ‘Compliance Processes’ section, please see link to The Grid Code.

The Compliance Processes (“CP”) provides illustrative process diagrams in CP Appendix 1, which offer a useful overview of the process to be followed. By following the Compliance Processes, Users connecting to the NETS will receive a ‘compliance certificate’ without which a User is unable to connect or use the NETS. This certificate is known as an Operational Notification.

Four types of Operational Notifications are defined in the Grid Code for various milestones during the life time of a connection.

• EON – Energisation Operational Notification – required for first energisation of a new connection

• ION – Interim Operational Notification – required for first export to the NETS for a new generator connection

• FON – Final Operational Notification – issued when all compliance issues have been resolved

• LON – Limited Operational Notification – issued to a site that once held a FON but currently has a compliance issue to resolve whether from a modification or a fault.

Overview Presentation : Introduction to Operational Notifications -  Download pdf

Useful Guidance Documents

• A Guide to 3rd Party Safety Rule Submission – Download pdf

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