Grid Code

At privatisation and as required by the transmission licence, National Grid implemented the Grid Code, which is designed to permit the development, maintenance and operation of an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system for the transmission of electricity, to facilitate competition in the generation and supply of electricity and to promote the security and efficiency of the power system as a whole. National Grid and users of its transmission system are required to comply with the Grid Code.

The Grid Code available here is the designated revised code under the Offshore Transmission regime and is effective from 24th June 2009 (Offshore Transmission Go-Active date).

The Grid Code is required to cover all material technical aspects relating to connections to and the operation and use of the transmission system or, in as far as relevant to the operation and use of the transmission system, the operation of the electric lines and electrical plant connected to it or to a distribution system.

The Grid Code also specifies data which system users are obliged to provide to National Grid for use in the planning and operation of the transmission system, including demand forecasts, availability of generating sets and intended dates of overhaul of large generating sets.

Any changes to the Grid Code are subject to the approval of the Authority.




Complete Grid Code

An aggregated version of the code document can be found below. For section by section documents please see the Grid Code documents area.

2014 Meetings

The 2014 Grid Code Review Panel Meeting dates have been confirmed as follows:

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