NETS SQSS Fundamental Review

The energy industry is actively seeking solutions to integrate new generation technologies such as wind and other renewable generation into the electricity networks. A wide range of initiatives are currently under consideration, ranging from a review of transmission access and commercial frameworks to a number of current reviews to the NETS SQSS. Each of these initiatives and reviews has the potential to impact on the NETS SQSS. It is important that the NETS SQSS continually evolves to keep pace with changing requirements arising from developments within the electricity supply industry and from technological advances. 

Given the pivotal role played by the NETS SQSS in facilitating demand and generation and efficient market operation, it is proposed to carry out a holistic and co-ordinated review of the NETS SQSS to ensure it remains a robust standard and is able to support the integration of new generation technologies into the national electricity transmission system.

March 2011 Consultation

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Fundamental Review Documents

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October 2010 Workshop

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April 2010 Consultation

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March 2009 Workshop

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