Frequency Control by Demand Management (FCDM)


Frequency Control Demand Management (FCDM) provides frequency response through interruption of demand customers. The electricity demand is automatically interrupted when the system frequency transgresses the low frequency relay setting on site. The demand customers who provide the service are prepared for their demands to be interrupted for a 30 minute duration, where statistically interruptions are likely to occur between approximately ten to thirty times per annum.

Major Technical Requirements

A FCDM provider must:

  • Be available 24 hours a day (declared for full Settlement Periods)
  • Provide the service within 2 seconds of instruction
  • Deliver for minimum 30 minutes
  • Deliver minimum 3MW, which may be achieved by aggregating a number of small loads at same site, at the discretion of National Grid
  • Have a suitable operational metering
  • Provide output signal into National Grid’s monitoring equipment

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