Environmental Education Centres

National Grid has a network of environmental education centres across the UK, all sited on land owned by the company adjacent to substations. They are centres of excellence for environmental education and have been developed in partnership with local authorities and environmental charities, demonstrating how industry and the environment can co-exist to the benefit of all. They are primarily geared to provide outdoor education for school children from within their respective catchment area and offer imaginative activities designed to support key National Curriculum targets and informal education for other community groups

The sites are increasingly used for non-school environmental education, life-long learning and environmental training for local business. Outreach programmes addressing waste minimisation and energy efficiency issues are also delivered from a number of the centres.

The environment centres help to meet National Grid's commitment to operating as a socially and environmentally responsible business, through mitigating the impact of substations on rural environments. They also help by improving the environmental status and biodiversity of the land on which we operate and demonstrating community investment by providing work for staff and volunteers.

Our centres welcome tens of thousands of visitors each year.


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