Our approach

We are committed to being a responsible and sustainable business.  This commitment is underpinned by 'Doing the Right Thing', our Standards of Ethical Business Conduct , our suite of policies, procedures, public position statements and well-defined internal control processes.

We believe every employee is responsible for working in a responsible and sustainable way.

  • Our Board has overall responsibility for setting the tone and making sure responsible business practices are integral in the way we manage existing operations and develop new business opportunities and for promoting continuous improvement in our performance;
  • Managers and Supervisors are responsible for providing clear and visible leadership that promote responsible business practices as integral to the way we do business;
  • We are all responsible for operating to the highest standards of business and personal integrity and for ensuring our day-to-day actions and behaviours respect those with whom we work and those affected by our operations.

We also work with our suppliers and business partners to make sure they use business principles and policies consistent with our framework throughout their supply chain and to make sure they are working responsibly and sustainably.

Doing the right thing

We believe that a responsible approach to doing business is fundamental to what we do. In all our activities we operate within Global Standards of Ethical Business Conduct, 'Doing the Right Thing'.