Gas Distribution

A distribution crew working on an underground governor.

We own and operate gas distribution systems in the UK and the northeastern US.

Gas Distribution UK

Our Gas Distribution UK segment comprises four of the eight regional gas distribution networks in Great Britain.

Our networks comprise approximately 132,000 kilometres of gas distribution pipelines and we transport gas on behalf of approximately 25 active gas shippers from the gas national transmission system to around 10.8 million consumers.

We also manage the national gas emergency number (0800 111 999) for all the gas distribution networks and for other transporters in the UK. During 2008/09, we handled approximately 2 million calls to the national gas emergency number and a further 1.4 million calls to the enquiries line, appliance repair helpline and meter number enquiry service.


Gas Distribution US

Our Gas Distribution US segment comprises gas distribution networks providing services to around 3.5 million consumers across the northeastern US, located in service territories in upstate New York, New York City, Long Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Our network of approximately 58,000 kilometres of gas pipelines covers an area of approximately 26,400 square kilometres. In the US, our core ser-vices are the operation and maintenance of each of our gas distribution networks, in addition to billing, customer service and supply services.

Except for residential and small commercial consumers in Rhode Island, customers may purchase their supply from independent providers, with the option of billing for those purchases to be provided by National Grid. The gas industry is less deregulated in the US than in the UK, in that the majority of gas supplied is still sold by local regulated utilities such as National Grid, to customers.

Regulated utilities purchase gas from gas producers, and gas transporters then transport this gas on the independent inter-state pipeline system and into regulated utilities’ gas distribution networks for delivery to customers. In our case, we receive gas from the inter-state pipeline system at 95 gate stations. The inter-state pipeline system and local gas distribution networks are also used to deliver gas on behalf of customers who have purchased gas from independent suppliers or direct from gas producers.



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