The Future of Energy

On 8 December 2009 our CEO, Steve Holliday, addressed staff, students and invited guests of Imperial College's Energy Futures Lab. The speech, UK energy future - the road map to 2050, explored where and how National Grid would help the UK to meet its emissions reduction targets for 2050.

Documents and Media

Solar PV
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2013 Future Energy Scenarios Summary
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2013 UK Future Energy Scenario
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UK Future Energy Scenarios: Stakeholder Feedback
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Future Energy Scenarios 2012
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2012 UK FES data
UKFES stakeholder feedback
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UK future energy scenarios 2011
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Future of Energy video (Broadband)
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Future of Energy video (Narrowband)
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Future of Energy video (Subtitled)
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Future of Energy video transcript

Further Information

Engineering our Future Report - US
Describes the US signature program and sets out a plan for investment in a long term strategy to positively affect the attitudes of young people, their parents and teachers toward a career choice of ...
Environmental Education Centres
National Grid has a network of environmental education centres across the UK, developed in partnership with local authorities and environmental charities and sited on land next to our substations.
Engineering our Future Report - UK
The National Grid Engineering Our Future Report provides an assessment of current attitudes towards engineering, and insights into how we can encourage budding young engineers of the future.
Carbon Capture and Storage
National Grid is exploring opportunities to apply its expertise in gas pipelines to carbon capture and storage.
Policy Brief: Climate Change
Moving to a low carbon economy, creating low-carbon energy markets, reshaping National Grid into a low-carbon business, investigating new and alternative technologies and promoting energy efficiency.

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