Climate Change

Related Press Releases

08 April 2009
Ofgem consultation “marks a step in Carbon Capture and Storage moving from concept to reality”
Energy regulator today launches industry consultation on the potential for future reuse of some natural gas pipelines in Scotland for carbon dioxide transportation as North Sea supplies decline ...
23 March 2009
National Grid calls for UK Energy Masterplan to meet climate change challenge
Greater Government, industry and consumer collaboration needed to determine route-map for low carbon economy Carbon budgets to be implemented across all National Grid operations from 1 April 2009 ...
02 February 2009
Half Britain’s homes could be heated by renewable gas, says National Grid
Up to half the country’s domestic gas heating could be met by turning waste into biogas, according to a new report from National Grid. Biogas could give the UK a new reliable source of green ...
18 April 2008
National Grid to adopt carbon budgets and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%
Emissions reduction target raised to 80% by 2050 Ground-breaking initiative linking carbon budgets with performance Carbon reductions at the core of operational decision-making to encourage ...

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