Our Vision, Strategy and Annual Priorities

Our vision


Connecting you to your energy today,
trusted to help you meet
your energy needs tomorrow.


National Grid’s job is to connect people to the energy they use, safely. We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society—delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future.

We work with all our stakeholders to promote the development and implementation of sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions.

And we are proud that our work, and our people, underpin the prosperity and wellbeing of our customers, communities and investors.


Our strategy

Our strategy focuses on the medium term. It sets out what we want to achieve in the next few years, to help us realise our vision:


To be a recognised leader in the development and operation of safe, reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers and communities and to generate value for our investors we will:


  • DELIVER OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We will deliver excellent levels of safety, reliability, security, customer service and environmental performance
  • ENGAGE OUR PEOPLE: We will create an inclusive, high performance culture by engaging and developing all our employees
  • INNOVATE AND DRIVE EFFICIENCY: We will stimulate innovation to drive efficiency and work more effectively
  • ENGAGE EXTERNALLY: We will help shape UK, EU and US energy policies through working with our external stakeholders and customers
  • EMBED SUSTAINABILITY: We will integrate sustainability into our decision making to create value, preserve natural resources and respect the interests of our communities
  • DRIVE GROWTH: We will grow our core businesses and develop future new business options


Our annual priorities

Every year, we define a series of annual priorities  to help us achieve our vision. 

Necessarily, these priorities are specific to each region in which we operate, to keep focus about what we need the business to deliver in these regions.

Read more on our US Elevate 2015 and UK and EU annual priorities.


Line of sight

Our strategy and annual priorities provide direction and clarity on how we are going to achieve our vision. For our people, we present this within a Line of Sight framework so people can see how their personal objectives link back up to the vision.

In this framework, we explain that we earn trust from our many stakeholders by not only delivering our objectives but also spending effort concentrating on how we deliver them.  Put another way, we recognise that doing the right thing and working ethically is as important as what we deliver.

Only then, can we truly achieve our vision of being trusted to help you meet your energy needs tomorrow.

More about our line of sight framework.


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