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National Grid normally pays dividends twice each year, in accordance with the timetable here. We encourage shareholders to elect to have their dividends paid to them direct to their bank or building society account. As well as being convenient for the shareholder, as the dividend will normally reach their account on the day of payment, there will be no delays from paying in or losing cheques. Alternatively, shareholders can elect to acquire further National Grid ordinary shares without payment of dealing or stamp duty reserve tax through the Scrip Dividend Scheme, details and an application form are available from our Registrar, Capita, or, for the scrip for American Depositary Receipt holders, Bank of New York Mellon, whose contact information are on the back cover. Ordinary shareholders can also elect via the website

Website and electronic communication

More information about National Grid, and specifically for shareholders, is available on the National Grid website at We encourage shareholders to receive documents electronically via the website and suggest registering an email address via Shareholders then receive an email alert when shareholder documents become available on the website and a link directly to them.

Shareholder Networking

The Shareholder Networking programme aims to provide UK resident shareholders with a better understanding of the Company. The programme, which is normally run twice a year over two days, includes visits to UK operational sites and presentations by senior managers and employees. The costs of the programme (including shareholder travel to and from the event) are paid for by National Grid. Participation is by application and selection by ballot from those applying, with priority given to those who have not recently attended.

If you would like to take part, please write to:

Shareholder Networking Organiser
National Grid House
Warwick Technology Park
Gallows Hill
Warwick CV34 6DA

Share dealing, individual savings accounts (ISAs) and ShareGift

A share dealing service is available from Capita Registrars. For more information please call 0871 664 0445 (8am – 4.30pm) or visit Calls are charged at 10p per minute plus network extras. High street banks may also offer share dealing services. Corporate ISAs for National Grid shares are available from Stocktrade. For more information, call Stocktrade on 0131 240 0443 or write to Stocktrade, 81 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3ES.

If you hold only a few shares and feel that it is uneconomical or otherwise not worthwhile to sell them, you could consider donating your shares to charity. ShareGift is an independent registered charity (no. 1052686) that provides a free service for shareholders wishing to give holdings of shares to benefit charitable causes. For more information please visit or call Capita Registrars.

These details are provided for information only and any action you take is at your own risk. National Grid cannot advise you on what action, if any, you should take in respect of your shares. If you have any doubt as to the action you should take, you are recommended to seek your own financial advice from your stockbroker, bank manager, accountant or other independent financial advisor authorised pursuant to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Rights issue

The securities offered pursuant to the rights issue have not been and will not be registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 and may not be offered or sold in the United States unless in a transaction that is registered thereunder or exempt from the registration requirements thereof. No public offer has been or will be made in or into the United States.

Key milestones

Some of the key dates and actions in the history of National Grid are listed below. The full history of the Company goes back much further. For example, the first national gas company in the UK commenced operations in 1812.

1986 British Gas incorporated as a public limited company
1990 Electricity transmission network in England and Wales transferred to National Grid on electricity privatisation
1995 National Grid listed on the London Stock Exchange
1997 British Gas (BG) demerged Centrica
1997 National Grid demerged Energis
2000 Lattice Group demerged from BG and listed separately
2000 New England Electric System and Eastern Utilities Associates acquired
2002 Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation merged with National Grid in US
2002 Merger of National Grid and Lattice Group to form National Grid Transco
2004 Acquisition of UK wireless infrastructure network from Crown Castle International Corp
2005 Sales of four UK regional gas distribution networks and adopted National Grid as our name
2006 Acquisition of Rhode Island gas distribution network
2007 Sales of UK and US wireless infrastructure operations and of the Basslink electricity interconnector in Australia
2007 Acquisition of KeySpan Corporation
2008 Sale of the Ravenswood generation station

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

CGT information relating to National Grid shares can be found on our website under investors or obtained from Capita Registrars. Share prices on specific dates can also be found on our website at


The following table includes a brief analysis of shareholder numbers and shareholdings as at 31 March 2010:

Size of shareholding Number of
% of
Number of
% of
1-50 212,223 18.8526 6,452,377 0.2465
51-100 335,851 29.8349 22,870,494 0.8739
101-500 475,689 42.2573 95,426,258 3.6461
501-1,000 53,699 4.7703 38,093,786 1.4555
1,001-10,000 45,912 4.0785 107,389,598 4.1032
10,001-50,000 1,265 0.1124 24,633,895 0.9412
50,001-100,000 210 0.0187 15,633,167 0.5973
100,001-500,000 427 0.0379 101,651,819 3.8840
500,001-1,000,000 145 0.0129 103,105,452 3.9395
1,000,001+ 276 0.0254 2,101,933,249 80.3126
Total 1,125,697 100 2,617,190,095 100

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