Corporate governance practices: differences from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing standards

As the Company has a US listing, it is required to disclose differences in corporate governance practices adopted by the Company as a UK listed company, compared with those of a US company. The corporate governance practices of the Company are primarily based on UK requirements but substantially conform to those required of US companies listed on the NYSE. The principal differences between the Company’s governance practices pursuant to the Code and UK best practice and the Section 303A Corporate Governance Rules of the NYSE are:

  • different tests of independence for Board members are applied under the Code and Section 303A;
  • there is no requirement for a separate corporate governance committee in the UK; all Directors on the Board discuss and decide upon governance issues and the Nominations Committee makes recommendations to the Board with regard to certain of the responsibilities of a corporate governance committee;
  • while the Company reports compliance with the Code in each Annual Report and Accounts, there is no requirement to adopt and disclose separate corporate governance guidelines; and
  • while the Audit Committee, having a membership of four independent Non-executive Directors, exceeds the minimum membership requirements under Section 303A of three independent Non-executive Directors, it should be noted that the quorum for a meeting of the Audit Committee, of two independent Non-executive Directors, is less than the minimum membership requirements under Section 303A.

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